What is a Center of Excellence?

A specialized training center

It is an institution capable of training users in aspects related to Satellite Meteorology. There are several CoEs around the world and one is likely close to you and can provide you with appropriate training.

What is a Satellite Operator?

Collaborate with CoEs to provide training

It is an institution capable of launching and operating Meteorological and Environmental Satellites. There are several Sat Ops around the world as Meteorological Satellites are needed in all WMO regions to monitor the always changing weather.

Contacting the CoEs

You can read more about the CoEs here, including a brief description of the location, institution and contact information.

Contacting the Sat Ops

Satellite Operators usually manage many satellites and more information can be found here.

Calendar of Training Events

Are you interested in specific satellite training?

Would you like to attend workshops and webinars about the utilization of satellite data?

The full listing of training events can be found here.

Interested in becoming a CoE?

Are you an institution with a dynamic team and satellite capability trainers? If you are interested in joining VLab let us know!

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