The « Ecole Africaine de la Météorologie et de l’Aviation Civile (EAMAC) » is one of the training Institutions of ASECNA. We provide both initial and continuous training in the field of Meteorology, Civil Aviation, Air Traffic Control and Electronics and Computer Sciences.

As a WMO Regional Training Center and a Center of Excellence in Satellite Meteorology, we develop training materials for use by both meteorology students and professionals in collaboration with EUMETSAT, COMET and other CoEs in Africa, and carry out training activities in the field of satellite meteorology for the benefit of the meteorological community of all French speaking countries of Africa. EAMAC is a WMO RTC and a full member of the ICAO Trainair Plus program.

EAMAC was created in 1963 to provide ASECNA member Countries with the necessary and highly qualified human resources so as to ensure air navigation safety within their airspace managed by ASECNA and to provide the same trainings to non-member countries within the limits of its capacity. Hence, training is provided in the various fields that contribute to the safety of air navigation, namely Meteorology, Civil Aviation, Air Traffic Control and Electronics and Computer Sciences.

In the field of meteorology and with respect to initial training, EAMAC trains on average about fifty (50) students per annum as meteorologists and meteorological technicians. The students come from various French speaking countries in Africa, and mainly from the seventeen (17) ASECNA Member countries. EAMAC also offers qualification and proficiency training for meteorological staff, particularly in the field of satellite meteorology, numerical weather prediction (NWP), forecasting, aerodrome weather watch, observation (both surface and upper air), tropical meteorology, climatology, meteorological instruments, calibration of meteorological instruments. On average, about hundred meteorology staffs are trained in these various fields per annum. Our training activities are fully compliant with international standards and are certified ISO 9001:2015.

With respect to training in satellite meteorology, in addition to the Satellite Application Course (SAC) co-organized each year with EUMETSAT, two satellite meteorology training courses are usually organized on a yearly basis, one of which is intended for forecasters and the other one for Aeronautical Meteorological Observers.

In the framework of the “African Satellite Meteorology Education and Training (ASMET)” program, EAMAC collaborates with other CoEs in RA-1 to develop self-paced training modules on the use of satellite data for operational purposes, with the support of EUMETSAT (our satellite operator) and COMET; most of which are accessible online. We maintain a strong collaboration with CoE Morocco with respect to satellite training activities.

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