The Centre of Excellence for Satellite Applications-Muscat was established as a WMO regional center in Muscat, Oman, in February 2006 to serve the Middle East and West Asia countries. It is coordinated by The Directorate General of Meteorology/ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and sponsored by EUMETSAT.

The center has a good partnership with the local and international meteorological departments, academic institutions, and satellite operators interested in Earth observation satellite applications.  The aim is to work together in delivering high-quality training for the researchers and forecasters in West Asia and the Middle East through specialized training events conducted by the local trainer and experts from these institutions. The other main goal is to stimulate, support, and participate in Earth observation satellite applications’ research and development activities.

Since 2006, CESA-Muscat has had the responsibility, as a regional training center, to organize regular training events and online courses via the V-lab to ensure that satellite users trace the development and keep updated with the new technologies in weather – climate monitoring and applications.

Since its establishment, CESA-Muscat has trained more than 410 meteorologists, hydrologists, and scientists from more than 14 countries in the Middle East and West Asia. The training covered several crucial topics such as tropical systems, dust, and essential satellite remote sensing. EUMETSAT has been the main sponsor of the center’s activities since its establishment. The courses were conducted by local and international trainers in collaboration with EUMETSAT.

In 2018, The Center established the blended courses for the satellite application Course, One-month online course (via the Moodle page) as an introductory session for the classroom part. The classroom part is usually held in the training center of the Civil Aviation Authority in Muscat. The last two satellite application courses and other events were conducted online during the Corona pandemic. The online events can train more participants and cooperate with experts from different countries.

Success is always coupled with continuous development, starting from preparing staff capable of supporting developments. In the framework of increasing the center activities to cover more advanced diverse topics, CESA-Muscat is preparing the team to be professional trainers in Earth Observation satellite applications through an exchange of ideas and learning from international experts during the weather events, participation in other courses, workshops, and events organized by WMO, EUMETSAT or other agencies.

In addition to the training, the center supports the research aspect by involving case studies of severe weather events, climate, and environmental studies.

CoE Contact Information

Humaid Ali ALBadi

Director of Research and Development Oman Directorate of Meteorology

Zamzam AL-Rawahi

Meteorologist Head of Met Studies Section Oman Directorate of Meteorology

Hilal ALHajri

Head of Remote Sensing and Met Studies Section Oman Directorate of Meteorology