Most frequent questions and answers

Sat-Ops regularly organize training events with CoEs. It is important to regularly visit the Training Calendar (top menu) to find out about trainings in your region. You can also contact your CoE/Sat-Op and inquire about future trainings and ask for specific areas of interest or a particular emphasis. There are regular Regional Focus Group meetings (top menu) in some regions where you can learn about the products, tools and best practices of satellite meteorology that professionals are using in your area.

There are many satellites in orbit, some are in LEO and others in GEO. More information about the satellites can be obtained in the OSCAR/Space website. The Satellite User Readiness Navigator (SATURN) website and the Product Access Guide (PAG) are also great tools to get you started in satellites and their products. Also remember to visit your Sat-Op site of interest in the top menu where more links to detailed information can be found.

Meteorological Satellites generate a large amount of information every day. Sat-Ops design disemmination methods for the data to make it available in real time for operational use and in other cases on demand for case studies, research and analysis. Some information can be accessed via web, ftp or http, and some other using online libraries where information can be requested. You can browse the Product Access Guide (PAG) or look into the Sat-Op website in the top menu to find out more about their data and how to access it. Also, there are Satellite Data Requirements Groups in different regions of the planet that can help you get data!